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Media Literacy Press Conference (1)
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Media Literacy Links

Nielsen’s New Age

News Photos Must Tell Truth

Intro to Media Literacy - David Considine

Who Owns Whom?

A Potpourri of Media Literacy Links (Have your bias radar up)

Center for Media Literacy Reference Room (Be sure to visit "Issue Guides")

Media Literacy-PBS (See "Related Research" section)

Media Today:  Truth or Lies 9/16/03 - PBS

Center for Public Integrity

NOW -PBS (search for "Media")

Frontline:  "The Merchants of Cool"

Frontline:  "The Persuaders" (Advertising & Marketing)

Targeting Tabloids to Teens

Mankato Page ("Whales...")

Practical Steps in Evaluating Internet Resources

The 30-second Candidate


Drawing the Line:  Digital Manipulation of O.J. Mugshot

Are Cellphones New Media?

What is Media Literacy?

Media Awareness Network - Key Media Lit Concepts

Intro Media Lit site

Center for Media Literacy

MTV and co-branding

TV Ratings Go to College

Do Viewers Fast Forward Through Ads?

Young Adults No Newspaper [Word]

Seeing Shouldn't Always Be Believing

Google TV Ads Tracking Audience

Print Media

USA Today – McPaper [Word]