Sophomore English



Literature Intro & Short Stories

Student Selected Reading

Julius Caesar

Lord of the Flies


Animal Farm

To Kill a Mockingbird

Slaughterhouse Five


Writing & The Grammar Grind
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SophomoreEnglish Links:

Lit Intro

Literary Terms 1

NPR 100 Best Fictional Characters since 1900

Bruce Springsteen on "Character" (25 min. into extended audio interview)

Writing, the Grammar Grind & Research

Sample Essay –MLA style

Online Writing Lab (OWL) Purdue U.

Fix it Fast-Fix it Right (Fragments & Run-ons)

Sentence Types

Sentence Building Blocks

A Friendly Grammar Guide (J. Deacon)

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Hypertext Guide to Grammar, Mechanics, Usage

Help & Handouts from Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Grammar PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoints from Purdue's OWL

Grammar Practice at Writer's Choice Grade 9 (If you need more basics, try a different grade level)

How to test for certain parts of speech

Common Usage Errors in English

MLA Documentation

Grammar Giggles

Spellchecker Poem (Official Version!)

The Importance of Proofreading (Taylor Mali)

How to Punctuate (Russell Baker)

The Fumblerules of Grammar (William Safire)

Supreme Court Nominee Cares About Grammar

Animal Farm

Comparisons to Russian Revolution

Literature resources & the film

Video News Release (VNR) Propaganda


George Orwell Resources

George Orwell site

Political Writings of George Orwell

John Lennon FBI files

Freedom of Information Act

John Lennon

1984 TV Commercial

1984 TV Commercial 2

Big Brother at Work

Big Brother Cameras on Watch

The Agency That Could Be Big Brother

Who’s Watching Big Brother?

Skinner & Behavior Modification

Spying at Home

A Half Century of Surveillance

Newspeak Dictionary

See your house from a satellite!

What They Know About You

FDR’s Four Freedoms

1984 Comic

Nielsen’s New Age

Fahrenheit 451

Slaughterhouse Five

Bombing of Dresden 1

Bombing of Dresden 2

Kurt Vonnegut Bio, etc.

Vonnegut & Art

George Orwell Resources

George Orwell site

Political Writings of George Orwell

John Lennon FBI files

Freedom of Information Act-John Lennon

To Kill a Mockingbird

TKM Student Survival Guide

TKM & Harper Lee - An Overview

Alabama History Online

Voices of Civil Rights - Save Our History

What's a Mockingbird & What's It Sound Like?

Mockingbird Drama Bridges Gap

Art Explores Race


Can Poetry Matter? by Dana Gioia

From the Mummy's Breast by Paul Zimmer

Untamed Poetry, Loose Onstage (NY Times)

Extra Poetry: Teens & Others (PBS)

Poetry Daily

The Original Poetry Slam (Green Mill, Chicago)

SpiritOne Poetry Page

Favorite Poems Project

The United States of Poetry

Poetry Outloud

BigSnap - Billy Collins

English 88: Modern & Contemporary American Poetry

Laurable's Poetry Audio Links

How to Make Poetry Comics

Rhyme Zone

Taylor Mali

Zu Zu's Petals

PennSound - Poetry Mp3s

UbU- Poetry Mp3s

Flash Poetry by Peter Howard

"Low Probability of Racoons" by Peter Howard

"Carving in Possibilities" by Deena Larsen (flash poem)

The American Poetry & Literacy Project

Neurotic Poets

Small Spiral Notebook

Burning Word

Magnet Poetry - "Play" online

Shakespeare Links

Intro to Drama

Welcome to Shakespeare High

The Globe Theater  Go to Education section for Student Resources & a great PDF file

Take a Virtual Tour of the Globe Theater 

A less virtual Tour of the Globe 

Shakespeare On-Line

The Shakespeare Mystery

Mr. William Shakespeare on the Internet

Talking to William Shakespeare

Absolute Shakespeare

Ye Olde Official Shakespearean Insult Kit

10 Things I Hate About You

MacHomer (Shakespeare meets the Simpsons)

More MacHomer (NPR)

Bard Behind Bars

Julius Caesar 1
Julius Caesar 2
Julius Caesar 3

What’s Politics Anyway?

Lord of the Flies

William Golding


Golding Nobel Lecture - 1983

Thomas Hobbes Political Philosophy

Jean Jacques Rousseau on Education

John Locke's Two Treatises of Government

LOF & the Cold War

Good & Evil?

Good & Evil 2?

The Look of British School Boys circa 1940

Marxist take on LOF & Survivor

Survival IQ

LOF, Hobbes & Iraq

LOF Review

Man vs. Wild


Worst Case Scenario Survival

Video: The Power of the Situation

Zimbardo’s Lucifer Effect: Good People Turned Evil


Ayn Rand Institute

Introducing Objectivism

Objectivism:  A Brief Summary

All About Ayn Rand