Film Festival

Every spring before our seniors depart, we showcase the wonderfully creative work of our young filmmakers. Documentaries, dramas, comedies, music videos, and shorts all make their way to our silver screen.

In the past, student films have included:

Welcome to the Monkey House - A screen adaptation of Vonnegut's work

The Void Solution - A futuristic look at capital punishment

A Very Bad Day - A Pulp Fiction-esque work where two bumbling hit-man track the wrong mime (that's right, mime) on his way to entertain at a birthday party

Everyday Philosophy - A documentary on high school & life

Let Me In - A celebration of one student's quest to make the choir

Cooking With Jonathan Loon - A spoof on cable cooking shows

Sorry - An intense board game

The Green Death - B-movie thriller where Zombies inhabit the school

Ink - Have pen, will travel

Enola's Last Flight - Facing ourselves & hating ourselves

A Woman Named Amanda - With The Glass Menagerie as a jumping-off point, a father-son feud turns deadly

Helpful Resources for Film Projects

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Storyboard template

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